Faceting & Polishing Machines

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Faceting & Polishing Machines
FACETING & POLISHING MACHINE This is a dual arboured machine for simultaneous faceting an..
Ex Tax: $625.00
Faceting & Polishing Machines - Jamb Peg Type
This Faceting & Polishing machine is ideal for faceting and polishing all types of stones in ..
Ex Tax: $650.00
Dopping Sticks - Steel
These dop sticks are used with the claibration machine (AEW-CSM) and with the Faceting & Poli..
Ex Tax: $0.30
Brass Dopsticks - used with our faceting and Polishing Machines - AEW-FPIT and AEW-FPID. The are ..
Ex Tax: $2.50
Faceting Machines - Multi Facetors
This machine has four facetors - all synchronized with each other. Two are used for faceting and ..
Ex Tax: $1,550.00
Grinding Lap - 600 Grit
Grit Lap or Grinding Lap for Gemstones. The 600 Grit is fine grit and is usually used for grindin..
Ex Tax: $25.00
Grinding Lap - 1200 Grit
Grit Lap or Grinding Lap for Gemstones. The 1200 Grit is very fine grit and is normally used for ..
Ex Tax: $25.00
Base Plate for Grit Laps
An aluminium base plate in 8 inch size used with all grit laps or grinding laps. ..
Ex Tax: $4.00